Yulong released 2 new products, U200 DAC, DA8 II coming soon!

九州棋牌官网是什么yulong audio has just released 2 new products: u200 dac & cp1 power cable this month.


The U200 is to replace the old model U100 headphone amp but now 九州棋牌官网是什么it is not just a headphone amp but also a DAC supporting 32bit 384kHz DSD & SACD. Wifi module could be add-on to connect other player such as Smartphone, Tablet or NAS.



九州棋牌官网是什么on the other hand, yulong also released the new power cable, cp1. it is a high quality power cable  with oxygen free copper as conductors and using inter-twisted wiring. shielded with aluminum foil and high density braided oxygen-free copper mesh.

lastly, the flagship product da8 ii is at the final testing phase and schedule to release next month. not much information available yet, but should be another high quality product by yulong audio.


九州棋牌官网是什么lately update : low phase noise crystek cchd-950-25-100 audio crystal oscillator, fine-tuned power supply, low pass filter (lpf) and headphone amplifier.


Yulong U200 & CP1 is available here.

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