Coming Soon! GUSTARD X-20 Dual ES9018 XMOS 32bit 384kHz DAC


Update: The new GUSTARD DAC-X20 has released on 25 Sep 2015 and ready to order. For more information, please click here .

The release of the GUSTARD DAC-X20 has been delay due to the supply of the metal casing. But it should release soon by end of July,Spetember,  2015.

The new GUSTARD X-20 has upgraded using 2 pieces of ESS Technology ES9018 Sabre Reference 32bit Chipsets. And each chipset is now respond for one sound channel and the XMOS signal processor giving a high performance of 32bit/ 500MIPS.

九州棋牌官网是什么not much different to the x-12 in terms of the input/ output port, the x-20 is support dsd from usb. dop decoding for coaxial, optical and aes/ ebu, of course no problem to connect to sacd player.

And there are 2 version of X20:
X20 without USB input
X20U with USB input





6 thoughts on “Coming Soon! GUSTARD X-20 Dual ES9018 XMOS 32bit 384kHz DAC”

  1. hi,

    since we are in the middle of august, do you have any information on when this dac will be available and what the price will be?


    1. Hi,
      九州棋牌官网是什么 Gustard is keep delay to release the new DAC, my latest information is they schedule to release on 20 Sep.

  2. 九州棋牌官网是什么will the x-20 maintain the i2s digital input of the x-12 ? what is the expected price in us $ ?

  3. 九州棋牌官网是什么had it in my hands at last. for a start, brilliant sound but somewhat ‘harsh’ at first impression. hope it gets better in a few weeks’ time after proper run in.

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